Românești Monastery

Due to the historical influences occurred along the time in Banat, the monastery settlements with historical resonance are hardly existing as compared with the rest of the country.

Nevertheless, the studied area includes one of the oldest monasteries in Banat and the oldest from Timis County, i.e. “The Izvorul Miron Monastery”.

Partos Monastery

The first document of this monastic settlement is dating since 1571, when monk Laurentiu wrote 3 books and gives one of them which stated: "This book, Divine holy Gospel, was given by monk Laurentiu Cernogorat to the monastery from Partos devoted to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, in 1571". In 1666, the monks sent by the Patriarchate of Ipe come in Banat for mercy and meet kir Stefan and the Priest Bratul at Partos Monastery .


The Luncanii de Sus monastery was founded in 2001 with the blessing of Î.P.S. Mitropolit icolae, originally as a skete dependant on the Romanesti monastery. The foundation was made by P.S. Vicar bishop Lucian Lugojanu at 12 August 2001. The religious service is officiated in the wooden church. Other construction works took place in 2001 - 2006. It is currently under construction a new administrative body, and the old one is under finishing.